Know the Brands

Almitra Sustainables

Almitra Sustainables products are thoughtfully designed and natural by its origin. It believes that the actions we take do not always have a cascading effect, rather it follows the circular path of getting back to us in some way or the other. If this is true, sustainable living is the only way to save our home, and our planet. 
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Amayra Naturals

A brand that brings forward the traditional beauty rituals of Uttrakhand, infuses them with green actives and brings clean conscious caring skin and hair care. They believe in ethical sourcing of ingredients, correct R&D and testing, hygienic production, not testing products on animals, and recyclable glass packaging.

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Dharohar Ayurveda

Dharohar Ayurveda is about natural beauty and health products, offering a range of products for skin and hair made using natural ingredients. They use all natural ingredients which are toxin-free and paraben-free.  

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Elemental offers premium scented candles made from 100% soy wax, which is plant-based, non-toxic and burns clean as opposed to paraffin wax. The candles have cotton thread wicks which are lead-free and environmental friendly.

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Elephant Country

Elephant Country products are symbolic of the inter-dependent relationship between men and elephants. Crafted by local artisans of Eastern Himalayas these products tell a story of coexistence. The Spices are sourced from different community farmers from across Northeast India. They are traditionally grown and processed without any adulteration to its original flavous. The pickles are prepared using naturally grown ingredients. The traditional recipes are from the diverse ethnic communities of the Eastern Himalayas..

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Fresh for Paws

Pet food made with carefully researched ready-to-eat technology. It is homemade, grain free, ready to eat and proportioned properly for your pet’s calorie intake. No scooping, defrosting or guesswork is required. Meals with protein and nutrition, measured and sealed in bags with shelf life of two years.

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A brand that believes that everyone deserves to live a full and healthy life. They are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices and provide clean, natural, and healthy products without compromising on the flavours and taste. The products are made in small batches, with no artificial elements. 
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A journey that began from a modest Rajasthani kitchen is now a fraternity of 30+ people working under the guidance of Gulab Maa who continues to experiment for creating snacks and syrups with minimal or no artificial colours or synthetic essence. Adding to the rich and crafted flavours is a conscious effort to keep the use of plastic at bay and provide these delicacies in an eco-friendly package
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JiViSa brings you holistic and soothing wellness. Each product promises organic, herbal or Ayurvedic keys to unlock your full potential. JiViSa have discovered that good health flows, when we soak in nature and hence brings you this nature from the mountains, packaged with nothing but goodness. 
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An all-natural brand that incorporates homemade recipes that combine ingredients like orange peel, saffron, almonds, coconut, walnuts, fenugreek and neem, among others, and organic oils to create what is necessary for regular skin and hair care.

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Kefi Organics 

With "Drink Tea, Not plastic" as its catchline, Kefi Organics offers tea blends comprising high-quality single orgin whole-leaf teas, with organic herbs and spices. The tea bags are also hand-sewn, made from 100% unbleached cotton, free of additives and microplastics.
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Kélesta aims to give you a soothing, refreshing and indulging experience through its products. They are non-toxic, unadulterated, botanical extracts and have naturally sourced formulas.
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Khidki Store

The Vadodara-based brand creates designer stationery, handcrafted using recycled or recyclable raw materials. Choose from a range of diaries, noteboooks, sketchpads and journals that are perfect for personal use at office or home, or for gifting. 
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All natural and unsweetened almond butter, without added sugar or hydrogenated oil. It comes in a glass jar, which doesn't change the taste of the contents and keeps the packaging environment-friendly. It is made in small batches using a temperature controlled process to protect fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. 
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Little Canvas

A young startup that makes fun, unique, one of its kind , do-it-yourself activity kits and creative products for children, especially focusing on the rich and diverse Indian culture and heritage
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Miracle Herbs

An all-organic brand offering lip care and facial oils. The brand is cruelty-free and vegan as well. Miracle Herbs idealizes using potent natural / organic alternatives for chemical skincare. 
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A brand that believes in natural and sustainable produces. Their bath-quality dishwash soap duals as both dish wash and hand wash. It easily foams, consumes less water, and is safe for any age group. Their sustainable clothes are naturally dyed and made on handloom. 
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Natural Remedies

A global animal health company dedicated to support customers and the veterinary fraternity, offering quality herbal solutions for animal health, and solutions for animals that are scientifically validated, effective, safe and of consistent quality. 
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It’s a brand that believes in giving your body the best it deserves. It has sanitary products that are gentle, soft, safe on your skin, and responsible to the environment too. It is 100% organic, and biodegradable sanitary napkin made by an all women run production unit. 
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Nourish Organics

Nourish Organics has products made from wholesome ingredients, grown organically, free from harmful chemicals. They are stuffed with oils, natural antioxidants and fiber. 
Superfoods like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts and fruits are combined to give you essential fatty acids, omega oils and proteins. 
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Nutriorg bring to you a range of products like herbal powders, juices and blends which are not only grown naturally with ethical practices but are also reaped with the goodness of nature, and knowledge of the age-old traditional herb combinations to cure various ailments and preserve wellness.
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Ochre Naturals

A name that promotes the raw goodness of nature in its products. The Uttarakhand-based brand offers naturally grown dried herbs, flowers, fruit peels, and also pinewoood home and decor products, all sourced from the pristine environs of the Himalayas.
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Praanapoorna Collective works on community-driven models dedicated to providing alternative natural and safe solutions replacing harmful chemicals in everyday living. Their products are handcrafted and made using natural, traditional, indigenous, and locally sourced ingredients. The products are safe for humans, pets, water and soil on the recommended dilutions.
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A brand with its foundations in blending the ancient Ayurveda with modern luxury. Offering premium organic floral recipes, it connects eco-friendly lifestyle with sustainable development. It’s emphasis is on using natural ingredients and focusing on reducing environmental toxicity. 
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Shenaro Lifestyle

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A kids' clothing brand that believes in moving away from industrial manufacturing processes in order to support cultural diversity through handmade and slow fashion creation through reversible clothing. It is a zero-waste designing label which repurposes every scrap by converting it into accessories for you and your little ones. 

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Snooze And Muze

Snooze and Muze are bringing to you products to make a difference to your skin and simplify skincare. Their products are natural, eco-positive, with no-toxins and are carefully designed. 
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The Barkery

The Barkery was born out of passion to make sure all dogs get the best quality treats. With firm belief in nutrition and dog safety, Barkery creates ingredient-rich treats that contain no preservatives and are gluten free so that all dogs can enjoy the treats without any fear. 
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True Elements

With True Elements, what is written on the pack is what's in it, and vice versa. Whole-food High Protein 'Nashta' - Healthy food that is Tasty, Tasty Food that is Healthy! 
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Uneako offers a range of eco-friendly, non-plastic, climate positive products, and aims to encourage people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. All the products are manufactured from natural recyclable wastes and organic materials, and have three key characteristics— quality, innovation and sustainability. 
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Use Me Works

Every product of 'Use Me Works' is upcycled from post-production fabric waste sourced from factories, to save those tonnes of fabric scraps from ending up in the landfills. These fabric scraps are segregated, cleaned and hand stitched by a team of passionate women crafters. The products are carefully designed to make them last longer.  
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An aim to bring the use of Ghee back to our lives for good, with the goal of becoming healthier & happier! 
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Vikarah Holistic Beauty Rituals

A company that links back to ancient traditions and has been thoughtfully created with a bespoke blend of macerated alive ingredients and innate oils, to help you feel Rooted and Restored.
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