Handloom Cashmere Booties | Indoor Socks | Handspun & Handknit

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Material: 100% Pure Pashmina (Cashmere) 

Contents: 2 Socks (1 Pair)

Size: Free Size (Fits women size USA 3 to Men size USA 8)

Like to keep your feet warm this fall? Looking to switch to slow fashion? Looking for a handmade gift this Christmas? Shop now a pair of coziest & softest socks to keep you toasty warm this winter. A lovingly handmade gift for everyone & every occasion, this is one indulgence you won't regret! While you try to keep up with the fast moving world, your cashmere socks will compel you to slow down, get comfortable & enjoy a little luxury in life. 

Our Pashmina Yarn: Origin & Make:

  1. Cashmere gets its name from the place it originated – Kashmir- Earth’s Heaven. Over the years, this original Himalayan Pashmina lost its identity in the blitz of fast cashmere apparel.
    We are trying to revive & bolster the heritage craft & bring original pashmina goodness back to people.
  2. Pashmina or cashmere is well known around the world as a luxurious & high-quality fabric.
  3. However, very few people know that the best pashmina fiber is actually processed from special goats in the majestic valleys of Himalayas.
  4. We can safely say that is much more superior in quality & finishing as compared to other grades of cashmere fiber in market. It is much thinner & longer!
  5. India boasts of 5000 years of history & handicraft culture.
  6. Our artisans are mostly women, who have been well trained for generations in this art.
  7. The spinning craft is in their blood gifted to them by their ancestors & they are passionate to take it to the world over.
  8. They are a small group of women in highlands who have taken the road to self-sustenance & financial independence.
  9. Cashmere gives these women not only a chance to support their families but also gives meaning to it by fulfilling requirements of valued patrons around the globe.

 ✔️ Eco-friendly

✔️ Handmade

✔️ Organic

✔️ Responsibly-made