Home Fragrance Kit I Non Toxic I Kids and Pet Safe I Green Apple I 2 litres (each)

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Unlike other cleaning agents, Ecosys refills are 100% soluble and contain a concentrated liquid that works like magic when dissolved with water. Plus, it is so simple to use!

You just need to use your favourite spray bottle and dissolve the capsule with regular tap water. Shake until it completely dissolves and it is ready to use after 2 minutes.

Spray a fine mist on the corners of your room/space and witness the magic of Ecosys Air Freshener 100% soluble refills! We adhere to plastic free packaging and therefore use no plastic in packing our products

Contains: Air Freshener , Floor Cleaner - -Aloe Vera/ Green Apple Refill

Use For: 
Floor Cleaner (Aloe Vera/Green Apple): Neutral floor cleaner for the cleaning of all kinds of floors and surfaces. Leaves a pleasant scent in the air. Sanitizing properties. Does not leave traces.
Air Freshener: Home, Bedroom, Offices, Lobbies, Etc. Neutralizes unpleasant odours.

Ingredients: Non-toxic Chemicals
Floor Cleaner (Aloe Vera):- 2-butoxyethanol, Fatty alcohol ethoxylated, 8 mol EO, 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate, 2-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate, Hexyl salicylate, d-Limonene, 3-p-cumenyl-2-methylpropionaldehyde, (Z)-3-hexenyl salicylate
Floor Cleaner (Green Apple):- 2-butoxyethanol, Fatty alcohol ethoxylated, 8 mol EO, Isopentyl acetate
Air Freshener:- Citral, Coumarin, Alpha-cedrene, Isoeugenol

This product is packaged in biodegradable & water resistant paper which is 100% natural and sustainable.