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Material: 100% Yak Wool

Contents: 1 Unit

  1. We are trying to revive & bolster the heritage craft & bring original wool goodness back to people.
  2. Camel Wool is a lesser known around the world as a luxurious & high-quality fabric.
  3. India boasts of 5000 years of history & handicraft culture.
  4. Our artisans are mostly women, who have been well trained for generations in this art.
  5. The spinning craft is in their blood gifted to them by their ancestors & they are passionate to take it to the world over.
  6. They are a small group of women in highlands who have taken the road to self-sustenance & financial independence.
  7. Wool weaving, spinning & knitting gives these women not only a chance to support their families but also gives meaning to it by fulfilling requirements of valued patrons around the globe.

Saanjh Wool Collection: Class & Elegance

  • We design and make truly functional pieces of clothing & hosiery such as sweater, scarf, blanket, mittens, bed socks & some more.
  • We are a green label. The entire production process has a very small carbon footprint.
  • There is no mass production & lead times are generally longer than usual machine made.
  • As all our pieces are made by our artisans by hand, we can & be happy to take single piece customized orders.
  • Although the natural color of yarn is arresting, we do have option of dyeing in natural color dyes only.
  • We use organic dyes only and are also studying to introduce herbal dyes to our fashion in near future.
  • We make new designer items with in-colors and patterns & involve in constant R&D with artisans, handicraft councils & trend observers.
  •  ✔️ Eco-friendly

    ✔️ Handmade

    ✔️ Organic

    ✔️ Responsibly-made