5 Tips to Make Your Skin Winter-Ready

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5 Tips to Make Your Skin Winter-Ready

All that flakes is not snow! Especially when your skin is concerned. Winter is generally a time of year with low moisture in the air, causing the skin to get more prone to damage, leaving you with dry skin, flakiness, itchiness, and yes, a lot of embarrassment.

Skin health is also important to be taken care of because skin is the ozone layer of our body that protects us from UV rays, germs, and other harmful substances.

So why let this ozone layer get depleted?

Here are 5 crucial winter tips that can help your skin breathe and stay happy during the cold weather:

  1. Don’t over-cleanse your skin: Winter takes away moisture from your skin, and if you over-cleanse it, the naturally produced moisture will also get washed away. To negate this, limit your soapy wash to once a day. And use natural products like Amayra Nyra Face Wash Powder, Dharohar Orange Scrub and Vikarah Holistic Almond Cleansing Cream. These will help you retain the moisture and keep your skin healthy.

  2. Shorten the hot baths: Hot water sucks away moisturizer. Hence, limiting the time of your hot bath may avoid formation of creased or dry skin. Lukewarm water works best!

  3. Moisturising is the key: Just after shower, when your pores are freshly clean and ready to absorb the moisture, apply a thick layer of cream and let your skin trap the surface moisture. Natural hydrating gels or oils are also great options, as they will keep your skin nourished for a longer duration. Our recommendation: Amayra Ghritkumari Face Hydrating Gel, Vikarah Coconut Milk Hydrating Lotion, and Kelesta Berry Blush Body Yogurt.

  4. Make sunscreen your best friend: Winter sun is the worst enemy of your skin and can birth premature skin aging and dangerous ailments like cancer. To protect your skin, apply sunscreen just after the moisturizing process. Those with SPF above 15 work best. Here are the sunscreen products to choose from. 

  5. Essential oil 'Humidifiers' can be your ride or die: Lack of moisture is the reason for all the mess during winter, and so humidifiers can be a huge help. Oil diffusers and humidifiers diffuse hydrating elements in the room and act as the providers of moisture and life to your skin. Buy them here

*The last step is possible just in close knits and hence it is important to follow the four steps above to keep your skin healthy and happy during winters!