Beating The Heat – The Sustainable Way

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Beating The Heat – The Sustainable Way

Are you, like us, constantly on the lookout for ways to get through this almost unbearable heat? Well, it’s about time we got creative and conscious about how we spend summer.

You might wonder how adopting sustainability and bearing peak summer go hand in hand. The short answer is, they do. The increase in global temperature today is mostly caused by harmful actions of human beings, leading to climate change. Since these intolerable temperatures are partly our fault, it’s our responsibility to beat it with eco-friendly measures. 

People usually resort to chilled aerated drinks to stay cool. However, there are far healthier options that do the same, and more. Our website offers many beverages that do the trick. The best part? They’re healthy, eco-friendly, and delicious!

The instant Thandai Mix and the many nutritious juices, like Jamun and Wheatgrass juice, available on our website are sure to find their permanent place in your kitchen!

When you come back home after a long tiring day in the scorching sun, nothing beats a nice, cool shower. Add self-care products to the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect formula! And if your products are produced sustainably, that’s just the cherry on top! Don’t forget to get your hands on products like the Green Tea & Chamomile Toner that’ll help you bid goodbye to the summer tan! 

Adding to this, what if we tell you, there’s a pretty “sweet” hack for your dogs, which is perfect for summer? Ice cream! Now don’t worry, we know dogs can’t have ice cream. That’s why we are bringing you dog-friendly ice cream. It’s delicious, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s safe for your little furry family members! Come on now, we know you want to be the favourite pet-parent. Now is your chance!

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