Here's Why We Should Be Vocal for Local

Here's Why We Should Be Vocal for Local

We live in a country with a population of 138 crore. And yet, our rich history and heritage notwithstanding, we have come to a situation where, to most of us, foreign products appear more fancy, of better quality, and cheaper. A fallacy? Of course. And high time we embraced our own!

Here are three reasons that may motivate you to buy local:

  1. It’s a step towards a prosperous economy: Appreciating our indigenous art, crafts and culture can never be a misplaced effort. This helps us develop support towards the local communities of weavers, craftspersons and farmers. If all this enrichment can be done just through a lifestyle change, then why not take steps in that direction? 

  2. It works in favour of environment sustainability: The shorter the distance between the source of a product and the consumer, the less impact it has on the environment. It's a win-win deal for everyone involved in the chain.   

  3. It values human labour: Working like a horse just for pennies? Wouldn't you rather work for people who value you, your work ethics and your contribution as a worker. When we choose companies that support the aim of ‘Make in India', our working population is valued and benefitted, economically, and emotionally. And we, as a nation, do deserve it, no?  

    Think wisely. And shop!