Partying Over, Check Out These New Year Resolutions You Can Really Keep

Partying Over, Check Out These New Year Resolutions You Can Really Keep

So we are well into 2022. And the first week has already shown us that all the lofty resolutions about waking up at dawn, learning one new word a day, or giving up chocolate are never as easy as they always seem.

Well, here is a list of resolutions that are not just simple to adopt, but will go a long way in making a really positive difference to your life. Plus, they will help you create a greener world!

  1. BYOB: In order for the reusable shopping bags to do any good, they have to be used in the first place! Find a way to remember to carry the earth-friendly bags with you to the store. Put sticky notes or cards next to the shopping list to remind you to carry one, or keep it close to your wallet. 

  2. Shop sustainable: Read the ingredient list carefully, check the packaging, and find out about the source of the product. Shopping made-in-India sustainable goods never felt so easy as it does now!

  3. Eat clean: Organic products may cost a bit more upfront, but this is money well spent because your food will be more nutritious and you won’t have to worry about the ill-effects of consuming toxic pesticides. Plus you can be sure that your food was grown in a way that helped protect and enhance the ecosystem it was grown in.

  4. Conserve electricity: Switch off the lights! When you turn off lights that aren’t being used or needed, you make a tremendous difference to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

  5. Start small: Make simple changes in your shopping list to make environmental-friendly choices in daily life: Switching to even small products like wooden comb and bamboo toothbrush can go a long way in tackling the piles of plastic garbage accumulating on the planet.