This New Year, Stop Doing These 4 Things!

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This New Year, Stop Doing These 4 Things!

When changes are concerned, we generally tend to procrastinate simple steps that can bring in a huge difference in our day-to-day lives. And now that New Year is around the corner, we are getting busy preparing lists of resolutions and promises to ourselves. While that is for sure a positive step, here are four simple ways that can help you enjoy each day more. 

  1. Stop sacrificing what you want most for what you want right now: Stop sacrificing substantive happiness, that will bring you consistent and lasting joy for superficial, momentary happiness, which will fade quickly and ultimately extend unhappiness. It would be lovely to relax, watch a movie or a show, or meet a friend for an indulgent dinner, instead of working longer on a project that needs attention, going to the gym, or cleaning that cupboard

  2. Stop making excuses: If you are looking for a reason/excuse not to do the right thing, you will surely find one. Stop making excuses, and start owning your life and pushing yourself to do the work. Happiness doesn't fall into your lap, it takes work, like everything else. So get out of your own way and eat healthy, buy natural, find happiness in small things, and notice the change. 

  3. Stop taking things personally: When someone makes a comment, gives unsolicited advice, or treats you poorly, unless you did something to merit a reaction, chances are the comment says more about the commenter than it does about you. Do not let people discourage you, or tell you who you are when they are not close to you. Keep moving forward, build on your progress and do not let people get you down. Do what is best for you. 

  4. Stop staying sedentary: If you need to feel better at this moment, go change your clothes and go get some exercise. Endorphins make you happy; they release stress and help clear your mind. If you want some perspective, go work out first, and then revisit the issue. Chances are your emotions will be stabilized, your mind will be sharper and you will have less anxiety than you did before you got some exercise. Or you can even try calming yoga as it can also give you time to rethink and analyze difficulties easily.