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5 Pandavas Plush Dolls

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Soft toys and children share an adorable bond. They become playmates and play a vital role in shaping a child’s moral and ethical compass. Children often get attached to their toys and prefer travelling the world with them.

The Pandavas refers to the five legendary brothers : Yudhishthira , Bhima , Arjuna , Nakula and Sahadeva who are the central characters of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.They are sons of King Pandu.In the epic, the Pandavas married Draupadi and founded the city of Indraprastha.After their paternal cousins the Kauravas led by Duryodhana tricked them into surrendering their kingdom and refused to return it, the Pandavas waged a civil war against their extended family, and this conflict was known as the Kurukshetra War. With the help of the Lord Krishna the Pandavas eventually won the war with the death of the Kauravas, albeit at great cost

The divine fathers of the Pandavas were:
Dharmadeva, the god of dharma, who fathered Yudhishthira
Vayu, the god of wind, who fathered Bhima
Indra, the god of rain and the king of gods, who fathered Arjuna
The Ashvins, the twin gods of health and medicine, who fathered the twins Nakula and Sahadeva.

According to Mahabharata , the description of the Pandavas is as follows :

Yudhishthira was slender, and had a prominent nose, large eyes and a complexion like that of "pure gold". He is also described as a just man, who had correct knowledge of the morality of his own acts and was merciful to surrendering foes.

Bhima is described being plump, long-armed and tall as a full grown Sala tree. He is also extolled to be strong, well-trained, endued with great might and his superhuman feats had earned him great renown. Bhima is also described to be frightful, who never forgot a foe and was not pacified even after he wrecked his vengeance.

Arjuna is praised as the greatest of archers, intelligent, second to none "with senses under complete control." Neither lust nor fear nor anger could make him forsake virtue. Though capable of withstanding any foe, he would never commit an act of cruelty.

Nakula was considered by Draupadi as "the most handsome person in the whole world." An accomplished master swordsman, he was also "versed in every question of morality and profit" and "endued with high wisdom." He was unflinchingly devoted to his brothers, who in turn regarded him as more valuable than their own lives.

Sahadeva was heroic, intelligent, wise and no another man was equal unto him in intelligence or in eloquence amid assemblies of the wise. He was the one dearest to Kunti, and intent on doing what is agreeable to Yudhishthira. He is also praised to be always mindful of the duties of Kshatriyas (warrior -class), and would sacrifice his own life than say anything that is opposed to morals.

Dimensions of Yudhishthira doll: 20 X 10 X 3.5 cm
Dimensions of Bhima doll: 20 X 10 X 4 cm
Dimensions of Arjuna doll: 19 X 8 X 3.5 cm
Dimensions of Nakul doll: 19 X8.5 X 3.5 cm
Dimensions of Sahadeva doll: 19 X7.5 X 3.5 cm 

Care Instructions :
100% Child Friendly , Non Toxic , Gentle Machine Washable

Materials of the Dolls : Mix of Canvas , Cotton and Synthetic Polymer

Why you should bring these Indian dolls home for your child ?

  • Learn through play - An adorable dolls set that engages kids to learn through creative pretend play . It sparks creativity , nurtures curiosity and ignites imagination of a child .
  • Helps develop an appreciation for the rich Indian Culture Helps to understand about Indian Gods and Goddess in an easy and fun way
  • Boosts self esteem and confidence Refines fine motor skills and gross motor skills Rewarding and motivating
  • Helps channelize the energy levels. The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity The dolls provides hours of relaxation and fun
  • It also makes for a perfect gift for a loved one
  • A great way to bond through a fun play activity for children, siblings, family and friends.

Recommended Age: 0+

A Made in India product