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Coconut Coir Scrub Pack

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Coir has been used for ages for household cleaning in India. But this simple and traditional practice has been forgotten due to commercialization and widespread use of plastic, which is known to leech chemicals.

Coir is strong, durable, biodegradable & antimicrobial, which makes it ideal for many purposes, including cleaning utensils.

This Coir Dish Scrub is a minimalist cleaning pad with a raw and a natural feel. It will keep your kitchenware squeaky clean and free from chemicals.

*Material – Plant-Based, Coconut Fiber

*Care – Rinse and dry.

*Disposal – Compost

*Packaging – Eco-friendly

Pack Contains:

Coconut Fiber Dish Scrub * 3

*Note a pack contains 5 circular pads

A Made in India product