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Copper is an essential mineral significant for human health. It’s long been a holistic tradition in India to drink water from copper bottles to have a balance in the body and to get rid of impurities.

Our Copper Bottles are inspired from this age-old Indian tradition to make every sip of water count, as the modern-day single use plastic bottles have become a menace to our health and our planet.

How healthy is Copper?

  • Eliminates free radicals and toxins
  • Enhances Immunity
  • Prevents Aging
  • Better Digestion

This Copper Bottle is:

-Easy to fit in your backpack




Material: Pure Copper

Care Instructions:

  • Mix 2 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp salt and 2 cups water
  • Put in the bottle and close the lid
  • Shake well
  • Rinse

A Made in India product