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Natural Loofah Sponge

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Natural Loofah Sponge (pack of 3) derived from the vines belonging to the cucumber and melon family, perfect for exfoliating your skin. It removes the oil built-up in the skin and helps unclog the pores, making your skin look fresher and smoother.

How to use loofah:

Make the loofah sponge wet with warm water to soften it and then add soap on to it. Gently rub it against your skin in circular motion to remove the dead skin cells.


Pack Contains: 3 Natural Loofah sponges
*Care – Rinse it after every use and hang it to dry in the sun. Avoid drying it in the bathroom where it's likely to get moist and attract bacteria. Change every month

*Disposal – Compost

*Packaging – Eco-friendly

A Made in India product