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Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor

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When it comes to shaving, the modern day safety razors are creating a lot of unnecessary waste. Billions of cartridges and plastic razors are thrown every year, which can’t be recycled and end up amid nature or are burnt. But we have a way out for it! We have designed a good old traditional Safety Razor made from Bamboo!


This is a Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor (Double Edged) which can last for years. The Bamboo Safety Razor renders a comfortable and close shave, without any skin irritation. It has a long handle and stainless steel head ergonomically designed for good grip and safety.


How to use: Unscrew the steel head. The two parts will separate. Then place the blade between them. Screw it back and you are good to go! How to care: After every shave, loosen the head and hold it under water to remove any leftover hair and lather. Dry the body and the blade after every use, wipe it dry with a towel. Store in a dry place. Follow this regularly and this one razor will be all that you will need for a lifetime!


*Plastic Free

*Gender Neutral

A Made in India product