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Bhoot Jolokia Paste

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Elephant Country pickles are prepared using naturally grown, sun dried & dew
kissed ingredients. The traditional grandmother recipes of the pickles are from the
diverse ethnic communities of the eastern Himalayas.

Crafted by local artisans of Eastern Himalayas, these products tell a story of
coexistence and a unique bond of nurturing and being nurtured. The idea behind
these products is to provide alternate sources of revenue generation and livelihood
to many forest-fringe communities.

- Bhoot Jolokia (King chilli)
- Cumin
- Coriander
- Black Cumin
- Black Mustard
- Fenugreek   
- Fennel Seed
- Carom Seed
- Turmeric Powder
- Chilli Powder
- Mustard Oil
- Yellow Mustard
- Salt

Net Weight: 200 gms
Packaging:  Glass Bottle