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This exclusive kit consists of 1 wooden waste diary of 160 pages which is 100% eco-friendly with a charm of its own. This comes with a plantable pen, all collectively contained in a natural jute pouch.

"Hi! Did you know your ideas and plans are brilliant? I do! So don’t lose them in your head— write them down in my 160 pages.

My specialties are:
1) Attractive Aesthetic Appeal: I have three types of inspiring laser engraved designs on my covers. Choose the one which relates the most with you!
2) Flexible Dates: Instead of having prewritten dates on my pages, I let you attach your own dates to my pages so that no pages are wasted.
3) Environmental-Focus My 22.5 x 14.4 cm cover is durable, but instead of plastic, it is made of compressed wooden waste. Also, I come in a reusable trendy jute pouch, which would gain you quite a fan following!
4) Go Green: Grow plants while you grow ideas in my pages. I come along with an earth-friendly pen with 95% reduced plastic content. Grow the seeds at the end of the pen before you start using the pen.
5) A perfect gift: I will sound as a perfect gifting option for your colleagues, friends, relatives. You are in way to impact some lives, so go ahead. Made with recyclable material, I am ready to help you pen down your feelings.

Material: Wood waste, Jute, Recycled Paper,

Colour: Brown

Made in India