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Black Pepper Whole

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Elephant Country Black Pepper is sourced from Martin Rabha, a Social Worker and Farmer of Jharapata village in Kamrup (Rural) district of Assam, in the Eastern Himalayas. Cultivating pepper has led to nearly 30% to 40% increase in income of around 200 farmers in village and helped them reduce man elephant conflict and protect their crops and properties from the mighty as Elephants tend to avoid spices like pepper as their food.

This product is not just a unique experience but also essential to livelihoods of indigenous communities that coexists with Elephants harmoniously.

Products Benefits:
1. High in antioxidants
2. Has anti-inflammatory properties
3. Improve blood sugar control
4. Lower cholesterol levels
5. Have cancer-fighting properties

Net Weight: 100 gms

Packaging:  Glass Bottle