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Buckwheat Flakes (Breakfast Cereal)

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Whole grain buckwheat cleaned, boiled flattened to flakes and sundried. Buckwheat is by nature gluten free and offers a range of potential health benefits when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Ingredients: Buckwheat flakes


Gluten-free: Buckwheat flakes are naturally gluten-free, making them a good option for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

High in protein: Buckwheat flakes are a good source of plant-based protein, which is important for building and repairing tissues in the body.

Lowers cholesterol: Buckwheat flakes contain compounds that can help lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels in the blood, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Stabilizes blood sugar: Buckwheat flakes have a low glycemic index, meaning they cause a slower rise in blood sugar levels. This can help regulate blood sugar and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Rich in fiber: Buckwheat flakes are high in dietary fiber, which can help regulate digestion and promote feelings of fullness.

Source of essential nutrients: Buckwheat flakes are a good source of vitamins B and E, as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, and potassium.

May aid in weight loss: Buckwheat flakes are low in calories and high in fiber, which can help you feel full for longer periods of time, potentially leading to weight loss.

Anti-inflammatory properties: Buckwheat contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation in the body and protect against chronic disease.

Weight: 350 gram

How to Use:

Hot cereal: Cook buckwheat flakes with milk or water on the stovetop or in the microwave for a warm and filling breakfast. Add sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, as well as fruits and nuts for extra flavor and nutrition.

Cold cereal: Combine buckwheat flakes with milk or yogurt, fresh or dried fruit, and nuts or seeds for a refreshing and nutritious breakfast or snack.

Baked goods: Add buckwheat flakes to your favorite baked goods, such as muffins, breads, and pancakes, for a boost of whole grain nutrition.

Granola and trail mix: Mix buckwheat flakes with other grains, nuts, and dried fruits to create a homemade granola or trail mix.

Salad topping: Toasted buckwheat flakes can add a crispy texture to salads, along with extra fiber and nutrients.

Casseroles and stews: Add buckwheat flakes to casseroles, stews, and soups for added texture and nutrition.

Taste and flavour: Sweet, nutty, earthy, mild bitter

Allergen Information: Manf. and packed in premises which handles, nuts, milk products and products having gluten.

Precaution: Once opened store in an air tight container

A Made in India product