Cair Air Purifier Box

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Sustainability is our priority, and so is your health. This innovative CAIR AIR PURIFIER BOX is capable of taking perfect care of the air you breathe. Made with activated charcoal of bamboo and imbibed with natural fragrance, it also serves the utility of a natural fragrance,

"My Specialties are:
1) Natural Fragrance: My aroma is natural and will please you. I stay away from artificial fragrance, and appeal the same to you. A cuboidal shaped compressed form of wood is used to instill fragrance in me.
2) Made with natural products: The accurate ratio of activated bamboo charcoal and coconut charcoal grants me uniqueness, and ability to clean the air you breathe.
3) Jute Bag Covering: I am fortunate to be enclosed in a jute bag which is 100% eco-friendly.
4) Reusable Box Packaging: I am packed in a box which is Reusable once you take out jute bag out of it. You can use it for your accessories, stationery etc.
I am delighted to spread pleasant smell in your surroundings. Would you like me to provide you fresh and clean air?

Material: Bamboo Charcoal, Coconut Charcoal, Jute bag

Colour: Brown

Made in India