Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

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Sunflower Oil

Our Sunflower Seeds are sourced from certified organic farms across the country and Wood Pressed at under 45°C, ensuring that the oil retains all the nutrients from the original oilseed.

From deep frying to tadkas, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil is a great choice for your daily kitchen needs. Its light texture and rich aroma makes it a staple for any household.

The antioxidants in Sunflower Oil helps strengthen the immune response in your body, reducing the risk of infections and disease. It also helps boost cell regeneration and tissue growth.

Sunflower Oil is extremely light and hence absorbed easily. Furthermore, the presence of healthy fatty acids aids in digestive and intestinal health.

Sunflower Oil is low in LDL (bad cholesterol) and rich with essential fatty acids (upto 70% omega-6) and antioxidants, making it a healthy alternative to most refined oils out there.

The naturally high levels of vitamins A and E promote healthy skin and hair. Sunflower Oil is rich in antioxidants and helps prevent acne formation and other skin blemishes.

We at Jivika specialise in producing raw and natural products in line with the teachings of Ayurveda. We understand that good food can be the best medicine, and we aim to bring this good food to the world. We at Jivika share a significant portion of our earnings with the farmers that work with us. So every product we grow and create comes with a promise of hope and prosperity.

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