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Dried Lemongrass Leaves from Himalayas

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Ochre Naturals lemongrass is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers in a pristine Himalayan orchard. They are hand-plucked and dried carefully to retain maximum flavour and aroma.

Uses and Benefits:

Lemongrass packs in much more than just lovely fragrance! It relieves anxiety, lowers cholesterol, enhances oral health, prevents infections, reduces bloating and increases red blood cell count.

It's great as tea, and also works wonderfully to add a bit of zest to desserts!

About the company:

Ochre Naturals herbs and dried flowers are 100% natural, and free of pesticides or added preservatives. They are grown in pristine Himalayan surroundings, and handled with individual care. Ochre Naturals engages only local workforce in an effort to provide rural employment opportunities. 

A Made in India product