Fire Cider No. 1

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Vinegars and its infusions of roots, spices, herbs, flowers and fruits have been a part of global culinary cultures for about 10,000 years. Fire Cider is a tastier, healthier and more versatile way of consuming one’s daily dose of ACV.

The term was popularised in the 70s, when the culture of infused Apple Cider Vinegar began to flourish, making room for all sorts of combinations. This renaissance gave rise to a host of exciting, original and surprising flavours. We have followed the same vein and dabbled with flavours and ingredients from our region, to express our own take on the infused ACV culture. Raw, unfiltered and with mother. 

Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar, radish, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, green chillies, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, jaggery.

How to Use:
1. A 30ml shot with some warm water for the cold winter ideally first thing in the morning.
2. One shot, a couple of cubes of ice, a squeeze of lime with tonic or soda. Prescribed to be consumed any time of day.
3. Use it in mocktails, cocktails, salads, marinades, soups and so on. The versatility of this product allows for a number of creative uses.

Quantity: 520ml

A Made in India product