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Forest raw Honey exhibits a golden yellow colour derived from the nectar of various wildflowers as a courtesy of the wild beehives found in the deep forests and surrounding area. Its distinctness lies in its mysterious flavour followed by the slightly floral aftertaste and a faint, floral aroma. Raw honey is distinguished, has medicinal attributes and is one of the most sought after flavours in India.

What makes Forest Raw honey unique is the blend of nectar of various wildflowers that help develop cognition and induce peaceful sleep. This mysterious flavoured honey is used as a traditional source of medicine in many cultures.

It is beneficial for treating cuts and wounds, suppressing cough and other infections as well as improving respiratory conditions. Apart from being a source of instant energy, it also has properties that benefit the skin by giving it a smooth, textured glow.

This golden yellow honey is harvested  every year in the months of April and May. The honey contains pollen which is a testament to  its pureness. These pollen are responsible for the crystallization of honey which ensures that the product is unfiltered and raw. The unique flavour and properties of this honey makes it one of the most sought-after honey flavours in India.

This naturally  flavoured honey is obtained with the help of Apis Florea species of bees found usually in dense forest areas. The goodness and essence of a range of flowers are packed in this honey making it a superfood.


  • Source of Instant Energy
  • Cough and Infection
  • Cuts and wounds
  •  Helpful in Asthma or any other respiratory condition
  • Skin Benefits
  • Improves Cognitive function and induces sleep