Authentic Rasam Powder

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Rasam is South India’s most uniquely recognizable dish. It functions as the traditional go-to remedy for many cough and cold related issues, a fiery appetizer, and as the main accompaniment with rice for a simple lunch. Its deceptively simple appearance masks a variety and depth of flavor. Made with a handful of seasoning, rasam can be finely tuned for complexity in tartness, sweetness, and spiciness.

Graminway’s Authentic Rasam Powder attains this complexity of flavor in its special recipe, which has been tried and tested by generations. We use only local sourced ingredients to retain the texture and freshness of the masala, which is hand pounded at our facilities for an authentic taste. We mix a host of different spices like cumin, pepper, curry leaves, coriander etc. for vibrancy. Make a liquidy fix for your sore throat with an extra spoonful of ginger and pepper. Or try a milder, more viscous version to mix with rice. Either way, simply add Graminway’s Rasam Powder to hot water and some lentils and get it done in minutes!

Weight: 200gm

A Made in India product