Puffed Multigrain Mixture (pack of 2)

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Graminway Puffed Multigrain Mixture is a mildly spiced healthy, 100% natural snack made with healthy grains such as Puffed Barley, Rice Flakes, Jowar Puff, Makai Flakes.

Graminway products are made of ingredients obtained from the source of cultivation -- chillies from Andhra Pradesh, peanuts from Maharashtra, millets from Karnataka, etc. This ensures optimum freshness, taste, and originality of flavour of all ingredients. Plus, all of them are preservative, adulterant, and chemical-free.


Puffed Barley, Rice Flakes, Jowar Puff, Makai Flakes, Refined Edible Oil, Iodised Salt.

Size: 80g

 Content: Pack of 2

A Made in India product