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Gur Chana is one of the most popular snacks in India and the combination is such an irresistible mix! Jaggery or cane sugar is frequently used as a healthy alternative to refined sugar. Jaggery has traditionally been used in medicinal preparations owing to nutritional properties, which include multiple vitamins and minerals. This natural sweetener, along with a pinch of ghee, is believed to boost immunity and partially cure common coughs and colds. 

Chana or chickpeas, like jaggery, have immense benefits. Filled with protein and vitamins, chickpeas are so versatile that they can be used in anything from savory dinner preparations to delicious, gluten-free desserts. 

Graminway’s Gud Chana is made with hand- roasted chickpeas and silky, melted jaggery, which come together to let you indulge your sweet tooth.

 Ingredients: Chana, Gud (jaggery).

Weight: 250g x 2 packs

A Made in India product