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Holi is called the "Festival of Colours " .

The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil . Holi celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love, and for many it's a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.The festival also celebrates the beginning of a good spring harvest season.

Little Canvas brings to you Happy Holi Box which contains 100% Natural Holi Colours made up of flowers and vegetables in 4 vibrant shades along with Best Selling Story Book : Amma tell me about Holi and two adorable plush dolls of Lord Krishna and Radha . The colours are naturally fragrant and there is no use of any chemicals . Hence its gentle on the skin and completely safe for children .

Recommended Age: 0+

Box content:
Inside the Happy Holi Box you will find : 

  • 1 Story Book : Amma tell me about Holi .
  • 1 Plush Doll of Lord Krishna 
  • 1 Plush Doll of Radha
  • 1 Pack of 100% Natural Holi Colour :🌼  Sunshine Yellow 🌼  
  • 1 Pack of 100% Natural Holi Colour :🌹 Pretty Pink 🌹 
  • 1 Pack of 100% Natural Holi Colour :🌿  Soothing Green 🌿 
  • 1 Pack of 100% Natural Holi Colour :🍊 Tangy Orange 🍊 
About the Natural Holi Colours inside the Happy Holi Box : 
  • Yellow depicts prosperity, brilliance, energy and peace. Our Sunshine yellow colour is made from a mix of Raw Turmeric, Marigold, Neem leaves and Lemon peel and is naturally fragrant of Lemon
  • Pink is known as the colour of universal love, compassion, kindness and cooperation. Our Pretty Pink colour is made from a mix of Beetroot , Rose petals , Marigold , Neem leaves and is naturally fragrant of Rose.
  • Green depicts life and nature. It also represents pride, positivity, freshness, and coolness. Our Soothing Green is made from a mix of Seasonal Green Leafy Vegetables ,Neem leaves and is naturally fragrant of Cardamom
  • Orange represents a new day, new beginnings, progress, spiritual path, and the attainment of knowledge. Our Tangy Orange is made from a mix of Orange Peel , Marigold Raw Turmeric , Beetroot , Neem leaves and is naturally fragrant of Orange 
About the Book inside the Happy Holi Box : Amma Tell Me about Holi Book:
Passed down to children , from generations above "Amma Tell Me" is a charming and informative series of children's books that introduces the major Hindu festivals and figures to young readers, and are perfect for families wanting to share stories of Hinduism with their children or for educators looking for resource on the Hindu culture for their students. Written in rhyme with vivid, captivating illustrations, this series brings Hindu mythology to its readers in a fun and non-preachy way.

Lord Krishna and Radha Plush Dolls are perfect for open ended play. They are made of high quality materials (Lycra cloth and poly cotton) and are washable and non toxic. These soft toys ensure safety and durability .Let's cuddle and snuggle with our kids , engage them in a story telling session about Holi , introduce them to Indian mythology , why we celebrate Holi in a fun and learning manner with the story book and dolls . 

Dimensions of Lord Krishna Doll : 5.5"
Dimensions of Radha Doll : 5"
All 4 Holi Colours are 70 gm each 

A Made in India product