Coconut & Honey Handcrafted Ayurvedic Soap

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A deeply moisturising creation that blesses your skin. Inhale the heady aroma of fresh coconut, and enjoy the luxury of golden honey pouring radiance all over you.


This handcrafted Ayurvedic soap is free from any synthetic colorants, fragrances, preservatives, detergents, or any animal substances. It is so gentle on your skin, you can even use it on a baby!


  • Lathers well and gently cleanses the skin.
  • Extremely moisturizing and helps against eczema breakouts. Honey is naturally antibacterial, which makes it effective for acne treatment as well as giving the skin a radiant glow.
  • Coconut oil is also known for its antioxidants which help reduce the signs of aging.
  • The nutrients and minerals also help to remove dead skin, giving you a refreshed look and feel.

Virgin coconut oil, Aloe vera, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Honey, Titanium Dioxide, Soap Base

Size: 100g


A Made in India product