Kivu Gluten Free Cookies Combo Pack

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If Gluten is your sworn enemy, our Kingdom has an army of Fantastic Four that will protect you, nourish you and also satisfy your craving for the delicious bite of a cookie.

Baked exclusively in a Solar Oven without fuel, fire or wire, this amazing pack of Gluten-free Cookies is hand crafted using superfoods like Jowar, Coconut, Amaranth and Oats. Just a bite of any of these and you'll never miss a wheat cookie ever again.

PACK INCLUDES: (4 packs)
Kivu Rajgira Coconut Gluten Free Cookies,
Kivu Ginger Lemon Vegan Gluten Free Cookies,
Kivu Choco Oats Vegan Gluten Free Cookies,
Kivu Coco Choco Vegan Gluten Free Cookies

1. The world's only Sunbaked cookie, handcrafted by women in a solar oven using no maida, refined sugar or any preservatives, flavours or chemicals

2. Each cookie (~10 g) helps prevent 5g of Carbon Dioxide from reaching the atmosphere!

These Cookies are handcrafted by rural women in a Solar Oven. That's right, there is No Smoke, No Fuel, No Wire when baking them. 

How to Use: Once the pack is opened, Please store in an airtight container away from sunlight and in a cool place

Ingredients: Rajgira, Jowar, Ginger, Oats, Dark Chocolate, Coconut

Weight: 560 g
A Made in India product