Lactating Mother's Ghee

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Made in small batches, using the traditional Bilona method.
Contains Infused blend of SHATAVARI, DALCHINI, MULETHI, AND AMLA – 7.5 gms Per 100ml (approx.) in Grassfed Organic Ghee

Usage:1-2 Teaspoon daily at night. Not to be used in curries/ vegetables/ dishes. Consuming this ghee has a significant impact on boosting prolactin levels which increases milk supply as tried and tested.

Taste: Mild Taste of herbs that don’t taste differently as other ghee(s). No added preservatives.

Packed in Recycled Glass Jars Shipped in an insulated outer cardboard box

Shelf Life: 12 months

As we speak vedically, “Charaka Samhita”, an ancient ayurvedic text, written around 800BC, says that’s ghee has the following 2 very important qualities:

1.     Yogavahi: Ghee has an ability to augment the effect of any herb to it. Ghee also helps in transporting the healing & health-promoting qualities of any herb to the body.

2.     Samskar Anuvartan: When ghee is processed with the herbs, it does not lose its own qualities which imbibing the attributes of the herbs added to it. Among almost all oils & fats, only ghee has this unique quality, whereas other oils & fats give up their own quality. (Except few)

Certified organic farm by NPOP india. Organic feed only. Straight from farm. Traditional Bilona churned. NABL lab report included with each pack. Guaranteed honest pricing. Smokey mild aroma & grainy. No Preservatives. Made using curd.