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Lord Narasimha and Prahlad Plush Dolls

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Soft toys and children share an adorable bond. They become playmates and play a vital role in shaping a child’s moral and ethical compass. Children often get attached to their toys and prefer travelling the world with them.

Lord Narasimha and Prahlada Plush Dolls

A fundamental belief in Hinduism is that God descends to earth to take birth as human or other forms whenever the good and piety suffer and the evil ones have an upper hand. God protects the good, destroys the evil and restores Dharma (righteousness). Such a person is known as an Avatar.

In Hinduism, Lord Vishnu is the “God who protects”. He is attributed with taking 10 such avatars. They are Matsya, Varaha, Koorma, Vamana, Narasimha, Rama, Parasurama, Krishna, Balarama and Kalki.

Narasimha is the fourth avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu . He is regarded to have incarnated in the form of a part-lion, part-man being to slay Hiranyakasipu, a demon (asura) king to end religious persecution and calamity on earth, thereby restoring dharma.

Prahlada is an asura king in Hindu mythology. He was the son of Hiraṇyakasipu, who disagreed and rebelled against his father. Prahlada became a devotee of Vishnu. This angered Hiraṇyakasipu, who tried to kill the boy—but with each attempt, Prahlada was protected by Viṣṇu's mystical power.In order to kill Hiraṇyakasipu and not upset the boon given by Brahma, the form of Narasiṃha was chosen.

The dolls are perfect for open ended play.They are made of high quality materials (Lycra cloth and poly cotton) and are washable and non toxic. These soft toys ensure safety and durability .Let's cuddle and snuggle with our kids , engage them in a story telling session about Lord Narasimha and Prahlada , introduce them to Indian mythology , why we celebrate Holi in a fun and learning manner with the story book and dolls .

The mythological story associated with Narasimha Avatar is one of the favourite bed-time stories (originating from Srimad Bhagavata Gita, a holy mythlogical book) told to children by grand mothers and parents from time immemorial. It is a highly captivating story containing lots of morals:

How unbridled power corrupts human beings
How even wicked men can at times get the grace of God by their sheer power of penance
How egotism and indiscriminate usage of power can lead to destruction
How a child should develop love (“Bhakti”) for God
How unflinching faith in the benevolent power of God can come to the rescue of a devotee at times of distress
How God destroys evil and re-establishes righteousness at the appropriate time

Dimensions of Lord Narasimha Doll : 20x14x5 cm
Dimensions of Prahlada Doll : 15x9.5x3 cm

Care Instructions :
100% Child Friendly , Non Toxic , Gentle Machine Washable

Materials of the Dolls : Mix of Canvas , Cotton and Synthetic Polymer

Why you should bring these Indian dolls home for your child ?

  • Learn through play - An adorable dolls set that engages kids to learn through creative pretend play . It sparks creativity , nurtures curiosity and ignites imagination of a child .
  • Helps develop an appreciation for the rich Indian Culture Helps to understand about Indian Gods and Goddess in an easy and fun way
  • Boosts self esteem and confidence Refines fine motor skills and gross motor skills Rewarding and motivating
  • Helps channelize the energy levels. The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity The dolls provides hours of relaxation and fun
  • It also makes for a perfect gift for a loved one
  • A great way to bond through a fun play activity for children, siblings, family and friends.

Recommended Age: 0+

A Made in India product