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Outenga Powder

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Outenga (Elephant Apple or Wood Apple) used in the Outenga Powder are sourced from community farmers in Majuli, the largest river island in river Brahmaputra, Assam in the Eastern Himalayas.

Outenga is known to be a favorite food for the Elephants in the Eastern Himalayan Region. Ethnic communities grow this food in abundance as food for the mighty beings as well as to prevent their crops from elephant damage. Elephant Apples maintain high energy levels through good metabolism for human beings and is a very rich source of vitamins.

This product is not just a unique experience but also essential to livelihoods of indigenous communities that coexists with Elephants harmoniously.

Product Benefits:
1. Lower Blood Pressure
2. Good for Eye Health
3. Fights Infections
4. Delayed Aging
5. Constant Energy Levels
6. Improved Red Blood Cell Count
7. Protects Kidney 

Net Weight: 100 gms

Packaging:  Glass Bottle