Plantable Pencils

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This set of 10 lovely colourful pencils is the ultimate option for pouring out your love for creativity as well as nature. Made with 100% recycled paper, every pencil carries seeds of change with it. Supports fine elegant writing and easy to sharpen with a regular sharpener, these pencils are ideal both for your office utility as well as your little ones, being dyed with natural edible colours.

"I am special because I am:
1) Unique: Carry me in your pouch, hold me in your hand, and write with me in your diary, I will forever be elegant and graceful for your use.
2) Smooth: Write with me and experience smooth finishing in writing on pages. Be unique with uneako and switch to soft and colorful pencils.
3) Plantable: A variety of seeds of different plants are embedded at my end. Plant me and your pencil might get finished but I will grow forever and remind you your childhood.

Hey! I am waiting to get used by you. Try me and my seeds out and support mother earth."

Material: Recycled paper

Colour: Brown

Quantity: Set of 10

Made in India