Sandalwood Bambooless Mini Incense Sticks

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Pack of 35 Authentic Bamboo Less Mini Incense - 100% Natural and Eco Friendly

Pushpshala Sandalwood incense is an authentic blend of real flowers sourced from dense forest of South India, kesar, chandan and crafted with natural oils. These incense products are 100% organic and eco-friendly using friendly flower bases to make anti-infectious, non-synthetic and sustainable product.

Dive into a pure blend of recycled flowers, sacred wood, natural oils and magic of 5000 years old ancient Ayurveda to celebrate a sweet, light and confident fragrance.

  • Direction for Use
    • Open the pack from front flap and pull out one stick
    • Place the stick on the stand (included in box)
    • Light up the tip of stick with a lighter or match stick
    • Ensure there is enough space for fumes to diffuse

A Made in India product