Sharing Sustainable Happiness Kit (Set of 3 plantable notepads)

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Sharing multiplies our happiness, so does for the planet. A perfect sustainable gifting option to build well your relations with loved ones as well the planet. This happiness filled kit contains pack of 3 60-page climate positive PLANTABLE NOTEPADS made of recycled paper, contained in a cotton jute pouch with drawstrings.

"Hi, I’m the Plantable Notepads Kit. I contain 3 climate positive notepads— the ‘Be Leaf Er’ notepad and the ‘What You Seed is Seeding You’ notepad.
My specialties are:
1) ‘Lucky’ Pages: Both notepads contain 60 pages made out of a special paper called lucky paper. It’s recycled paper— that’s lucky for you, and lucky for the environment!
2) Plantable Covers: My cotton waste covers have seeds embedded in them. So, after you have finished writing on my pages, keep the notes and use my covers to grow your very own marigold, basil and chili plants. Just tear them, keep them in a plant pot with 1 cm soil and water.
3) Trendy Reusable Jute Pouch: My notepads come in a trendy jute pouch. Make sure you repurpose it.
As the name says, Sharing Sustainable Happiness Kit is a bundle of joy for our planet, as it does not contain any harmful substance in it. We know that you definitely would be wanting to try it. Isn’t it?

Material: Recycled Paper, Cotton Waste, Jute

Colour: White

Quantity: Set of 3

Made in India