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Buy a box of wonderful pens and pencils, get a garden of plants free. A wondrous gifting option, or an ideal office utility set, this box contains 5 plantable seed pencils, 5 plantable pens with 95 % reduced plastic and a newspaper pencil. Also, everything is contained in a recyclable round box packaging.

"They were right after all— the pen is mightier than the sword! Rewrite the future of our planet with me! My 5 pens, 5 pencils and 1 special newspaper pencil are here for you!


  • Superior Quality: My pens have a fine tip to support elegant writing. The pencils have been produced with superior mechanical strength.
  • Earth-Friendly: Made from paper recycling byproducts, my pens have achieved 95% reduced plastic content. The pencils have 100% non-plastic composition.
  • Zero waste packaging: My pretty box, made of the last byproducts of recycled paper can be reused as a pencil box or a pen stand.
  • Earth-friendly: Grow Your Garden! Each pen and pencil have seeds of different plants at their end capsules. Plant these seeds before you start using the pen/pencil, and by the time your pen or pencil gets over, behold, you would have added one beautiful plant to the world!"

Material: Recycled Byproducts

Colour: Multicolour

Quantity: 5 pens, 5 pencils, 1 newspaper pencil

Made in India