6 Ways to Beat Stress

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6 Ways to Beat Stress

There comes a point (or several!) in everyone’s life when we feel exhausted and fatigued. This fatigue doesn’t always have to be physical. In today’s fast-moving world, and especially during the current times of the Covid-19 pandemic, mental and emotional drain is becoming an issue that you cannot -- and should not -- ignore. 

Physical health and mental wellness go hand in hand, and if we ignore one, the other won’t flourish either. But you don’t need medicines, pills or a heavy wallet to calm yourself down. Here are some simple tips that are sure to help you keep calm. 

  1. Have 'happy' food: Forcing down bland food that you dislike just because it is considered nutritious is not the only option to keep your health in decent shape. You can enjoy healthy and delicious food at the same time. Try Chocolate Pancake Mix by True Elements, or Tomato & Herbs Flax Crackers by Nourish Organics, etc. Even the good old Khichdi and Upma can get flavourful twists, as shown by Graminway. Good food does not have to be boring, for sure.  
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  2. Drink a Cupful of Joy: There are few things that work better than goodness-laden hydration. Pour yourself a cupful of herbal tea made from naturally-grown, pure herbs from the Himalayas by Ochre Naturals to get an instant energy boost. Herbs and dried flowers like chamomile, rosemary, geranium and our good old rose are powerhouses of anti-oxidants and immunity-enhancing properties that go a long way in rejuvenating every cell in the body. Or pick up herbal blends from Jivisa for a medley of benefits.
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  3. Turn Towards the 'Y' Word: Yoga and meditation are considered the most successful activities to calm our nerves down, and not without reason. Grab your yoga bag from Almitra Sustainables, unroll the mat, and let your body talk to you. Lie down, take deep breaths, evaluate life, forgive, forget and move on towards a conflict-free surrounding. 

  4. Hibernate for a while: Eight hours of sleep after nights of office work (or binge-watching OTT serials)  is not always enough for your body to feel fresh, especially when your brain is still functioning even though your body is at rest. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few extra hours, sleeping in, and letting your body breathe in peace. 

  5. Watch something that makes you laugh: Whether it is stand-up comedy, or cartoons that remind you of your childhood, choose a few moments of laughter. Just grab energy bars and your herbal tea and don't feel guilty about spending some time in front of the screen. Laugh until your stomach starts hurting, and feel the negativity go away.

  6. Take screen detox: Fear of missing out (FOMO) has become a new normal concept. Social media shows us what’s good in other people’s lives and omits the bad times and hardships, often making us look at our life in a sorry manner. Take a break, spend time with close family and friends, have a detox and feel happy again!